24 February 2009

Fried or boiled?

Take one freshly-laid egg (feather optional).


Tap it gently to crack the shell, and slither it out onto a plate.


What’s it like?  What are the properties of a raw egg?

  • slimy
  • slippery
  • soft
  • see-through
  • transparent
  • wet
  • nearly liquid

What about if we heat it?  Will it change – and if so how? 

Well, there’s only one way to find out (as we are so fond of saying!)  Let’s get some butter bubbling in the pan.  Slide in the egg and watch what happens.


What’s it like?  What are the properties of a cooked egg?

  • a bit harder
  • no longer see-through
  • opaque
  • solid
  • has bubbles

Now; here’s something to ponder.  If we leave it overnight, what will happen?  Will it

  • stay the same
  • go back to how it was before we cooked it
  • change in another way

Take a look; here is our egg after a night in a (warm) classroom.  What do you notice?


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