28 September 2008

Where do plants grow?

Our World of Plants is of course incredibly rich.  After all, plants grow - well, where do they grow?  What better way to begin to find out, than by getting outside to take a look for ourselves. 

We were able to divide up our school grounds into a number of very different areas; we chose to look more closely at four of these - the entrance to the school, the 'adventure' playground, the playing field and the school 'garden'.

We wondered; what plants would we find growing in these different places?

To the field first.....


armed with clipboard, paper and a pencil (nice and sharp; all the better for careful recording).


And what do we see?  Well, obviously, grass.....


but look more closely still?  Do you see anything else?  Daisies maybe?




And what's this I see?


OK - moving on now to the front of the school, near the entrance.  Very different; certainly not a huge expanse of 'grassy' playing field.  Take a seat perhaps (oh and what is that you are sitting on Chloe?)




or even lie down.....


for a better view.

And what do you see?  One of these.....

IMG_8508 IMG_8511

maybe some of these.....

another take IMG_8512

and even one of these.....

IMG_8510 IMG_8507

Oh and of course no flowerbed can call itself a flowerbed without some of these, even at this time of year.....


IMG_8514 IMG_8517

On again.  This time to somewhere quite surprising.  Somewhere you might not expect plants to grow.  But look carefully and you may indeed be surprised!

IMG_8519 IMG_8518

Finally (for now at least) run past some of these.....


(oh and by the way this particular one would have been worth a much closer look!) towards the school gardens, where, surprise surprise, you might spot some of these.....


or some of these.....


or even some of these.....

IMG_8524 IMG_8525

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get out there with your sketchbooks or cameras.  Make a record of some of the different plants you see in all kinds of different places.  Where do plants grow?


K. E. said...

You wouldn't be going to put all this vegetation on a map, would you? A sort of Botanical Guide to the school? Next year's kids would be able to see if anything is different. :-)

Steve said...

I'm ready for a walk! What wonderful finds you all made.

Tommy's mom