24 September 2008

After Picasso.....

We often take time to reflect on our work in Class 2i.  After all, reflection is an important part of the learning process.  

Such was the case when we had finished our portraits.  It was perhaps not surprising that before we began, a chorus of 'that's too hard' and 'I can't do it' echoed round the room.  In spite of these perceived difficulties, we all had a go anyway, and to a man, everyone was surprised and rather pleased at his or her success.

IMG_8467 By Quentin:

It has funny hair. It’s nice because it has lots of colours.  It’s like a fox!  I like it.

IMG_8468 By Raamy:

My picture is a bit strange and there are so many colours.  It looks nice when there are a lot of colours.

IMG_8469 By Meghna:

I like the way I did the hair because I like all the curves and curls I did.  I am proud of it.  The line in the middle is the best bit.  And that’s all.

IMG_8470 By Harrison:

I am proud of it because I used a lot of different colours.  I enjoyed it.

IMG_8471 By Leon:

I had to colour it a lot because there were a lot of holes.  I am proud.

IMG_8472 By Tatiana:

I wanted the picture to be funny with lots of colours.  I made an ear that was low and another one that was high.  I like it.

IMG_8473 by Sharukh:

I like the ears to be different colours and the face is also different colours.  I tried my best.

IMG_8474 By Aabis

IMG_8475 By Mark:

On the face there is one part that is green and the other part is face-coloured.  It has yellow hair.  I am proud.

IMG_8476 by Virginia:

I like it because of the many details.  And I like the light colours I used.  I like the way I made all the shapes.  I am really proud.

IMG_8477 By Owen:

I used a lot of colours.  He has a lot of blood.  I showed it by using red.  I am proud of it.  I did a good job.

IMG_8478 By Sivert:

This is a picture about a silly man.  He has ears like nothing and his head is a funny shape.  I am proud of it.

IMG_8479 By Shani:

I like the colours.  They are beautiful.  I am proud of it. I had fun.

IMG_8480 By Tommy:

I like how I made the ears.  The ears look spiky!  It was fun.

IMG_8481 By Shouq:

I like her eyes and I like the ears and I like the red colour.  It is funny and I had fun.

IMG_8482 By Ryoma

IMG_8483 by Thomas:

I like this one because of the colours.  I think it is funny and that’s it.

IMG_8484 By Chloe:

I like this picture because it has different colour shapes.

IMG_8485 By Dasha:

I am proud of my eyes because they are so beautiful.  I like the colours.

IMG_8486 By Shahrbano:

I used triangles to make the ears and the nose.  I used circles to make the eyes.  I am proud.

IMG_8487 By Seyf:

This makes colours and this makes colours too.  I am proud of the colours.

IMG_8488 By Viivi:

I drew this hair because my brother has hair like this.  I am proud of the shape.

IMG_8489 By Martin:

I copied my sister because she also did this in our old school.  It was funny.  I am proud that it is just the same.

I think you will agree that we have a class full of budding Picassos; now how much was it that his last painting was sold for?


Steve said...

I really enjoyed looking at all the colors in your portraits! What great imaginations you all have!

Family Aritake-Wild said...

Wow, what a bunch of future great painters!! Great to teach kids how to leave the reality behind and try something original!!

Leon's mum