10 September 2008

Inky Fingers

We got rather messy in art this week, I'm afraid.  It all started as a follow-on from our story about Fox and his new friends (see previous post).  You see, after we had read the story, we got talking (regular readers will know that's something we get up to quite a lot in Class 2i!) about the kinds of places that you can go to play with your friends and the different things you can do there.  For example:

Tommy told us he likes to play in the playground.

Meghna agreed.  'In the playground you can swing on the swings', she said.  Seyf added, 'You can play on the slide.' and Thomas said, 'You can swing on the ropes.'  Viivi summed it up.  'You can play with your friends.'  Playground, you see!

Tatiana told us she likes to play in the sea and at the beach

Virginia agreed.  'You can swim with your friends and play in the water,' she said.  Meghna added, 'You can make sand castles with each other.'  Chloe had this suggestion.  'You can let your friend bury you.'  (She was prompted to add - 'but be careful to leave your face out!')  Sharukh told us that you can play in the sand and Quentin said, 'You can do a giant castle.'  Aabis told us, 'You can swim at the beach.' and Shahrbano suggested, 'If you know how to swim, you can teach your friend.'  But that's another story.....

Anyway.  That bit of brainstorming about those and other places where we can play led to the inky fingers of the title.

Coloured paper was chosen with care - yellow for the beach; blue for the sea or the swimming pool; green for a football pitch or the playground (you get the idea, I'm sure.)

Inky fingers.....


.....were used to make 'fingerprints' on the paper.

IMG_7912   IMG_7913

Fine-tipped pens were used to turn the fingerprints into friends.....

IMG_7919 IMG_7915 IMG_7917

(not without some difficulty;


after all, how do you hold a pen with an inky finger?)

.....as well as for other details (ski-poles, goal-posts, climbing-trees, sand-castles).

IMG_7911 IMG_7918

Some of us still have a bit of work to do before our 'what-to-do/places-to-play' pictures are finished, but parents will no doubt be glad to read that surely enough fingerprint-playmates have already been made.  Lids are firmly back on the ink pads. 

And anyway, we have a secret supply of a very special spray that Mira can use to get the worst inky stains off.....and fortunately it works on inky desks as well as inky fingers.  Phew!

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Motoko said...

Mira's special spray surely worked! Very cute images and great imagination!

Leon's mum