06 December 2007

What a Terrible Noise!

As part of our Unit of Inquiry, ‘Pattern, Rhyme and Rhythm’, we shared aloud the poem ‘What a Racket’ by Trevor Harvey. Then we remodelled it using words that we particularly enjoyed the sound of.

What a Terrible Noise!
By Class 2i

Once upon a time
We lived in town...
The bulldozers crashed

The trucks beeped

The dogs woofed

The motor-cycles zoomed
The cats miaowed

The doors slammed

The children screamed
The cars vroomed
The wind howled

And the drums rumbled.

“The trouble with living in town,” said Mum, “is that it’s SO noisy.” So we moved to the country...
The sheep went baa

The birds squeaked
The babies cried
The dogs barked
The trees shook

The cars vroomed
The thunder crashed
The tractors ploughed

The fire crackled
The horses neighed

The ducks quacked

The shoes tapped
The motors rumbled

The water splashed
The leaves cracked

The rain came down

and the roof leaked.

“Lovely,” said Mum. “There’s nothing better than country sounds!”

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