22 December 2007

What a Terrible Noise - the Movie!

We recorded the class reading their story, "What a terrible noise!" and turned it into a movie, an enhanced podcast, and a VoiceThread - just to see how to do all that, and to see how the story "plays" in the different formats. The movie below is hosted at TeacherTube. Click on this link to open the podcast file.

Here is the VoiceThread version:

And here is the podcast (simple audio file):

Here is the enhanced podcast, turned into a Quicktime movie file. (An enhanced podcast is an audio file with pictures. You can play them with an iPod with video, through iTunes, or with QuickTime Player. You can download the original .m4a file


Mathew said...

This article has been included in the digital storytelling carnival: http://tinyurl.com/yqbfyd
Thank you for participating.

Devika said...

I think your video is awesome. And your class makes good sound effects.

K. E. said...

All of Class 6o thinks that this is a super post! We've watched the movie over and over and over!

Hannah said...

I thought that the what a terrible noise piece was awsome

Punyanuch said...

I very it, it very good.

Ivan said...

This is so funny!!! lol I just love it!!! This is a really good ideas. C: