21 June 2009

It is a funny thing…..

…..that around this time last year, I posted what indeed turned out to be the last post of that school year, following an outstandingly (even though I say it myself!) successful day of Student-Led Conferences.  If you look back to the post you will see that the day was also reportedly the happiest day of the year; a day arrived at as the result of some cunning mathematical trickery by a British academic, Cliff Arnall.

Imagine my surprise, having long since forgotten all about that, when I read in the paper on Friday evening, that the 'happiest day of the year is June 19 according to formula'.  My surprise of course being that by some coincidence, June the 19th was the day that had been chosen for this year’s Student-Led Conferences. 

The days leading up to Friday 19th June (more specifically the late nights and early mornings!) of course were for me somewhat less than happy.  However, to have a classroom filled with proud children sharing with parents and grandparents a snapshot of the learning that they have done during this long school year, made it worth all those long hours.  The looks on the faces of adults and children alike showed me that the happiest day of this year (or at least one of them!) surely had turned out to be June 19, whatever formula you use to work it out!

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