11 June 2009

Deceptively simple

At first glance, the Pregny-Chambésy shield looks simple with its straightforward two-colour design in blue (to represent the lake) and gold (for the wheat…..


that once grew widely in these parts).  And yet, as we found out, it would take very good listening skills in order for us to make our own.  Let’s see how we went about it.

First of all we made a template, by folding a piece of A3 paper in half, carefully lining up the edges.


Next, we measured 10cm from the folded corner along the shorter side and 25cm along the longer. 


These spots we marked with a pencil, before joining the two spots in a J-shaped curve…..


so that when we cut it out, we ended up with a shield-shape.


What next?  Stick the white shield onto a piece of gold paper and carefully cut it out…..


trimming any sticking-out edges.


Now use the gold shield as a template to trace and then cut out an identical blue shield.  Put this safely to one side…..


while you draw a wiggly cross on the back of the gold shield.


Mark these very faintly (on the gold side) so that you will know which piece goes where. (Starting at the top of the shield and moving round clockwise, we used the letters N, E, S and W!)  Now, cut along the wiggly lines…..


so that you end up with 4 pieces.


Now, how good are you at jig-saws?  Well, as long as your labelling system works, all you need to do is discard those marked N and S and stick the other two (W and E) in the right places on the blue shield.


Simple?  Why not come and see how we all got on?

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