15 May 2009

Out and about…..

Having sat just inside the school fence, looking out at what we could see in our local area, of course we had to get ‘out and about’, to view it from the other side as it were!  So, with binoculars slung round necks…..


and the school cameras distributed fairly among groups of children, off we skipped one not-so-sunny Tuesday afternoon.

You see, we had earlier agreed that one of the ways we could find out what there is in our local area was to ‘go for a walk’ (with other suggestions being ‘ask someone’ and ‘look at a map’ (more of which later).

Anyway, ‘go for a walk’ we did.  Albeit a brief one*.  First we peered closely at the Mission of the United States of America (‘click!’)


We also spotted a bus stop (‘click'!’)…..


one on each side (‘click'!’) of the road (‘click'!’)


There were lots of other useful signs telling us about museums (‘click!’) and parks (‘click!’)…..


tennis clubs (‘click!’) and restaurants (‘click!’ ‘click!’ ‘click!’)


Unfortunately, some of the signs that the teacher didn’t spot, were the darkening blackness of the clouds, the opening of umbrellas (sadly, not ours!)…..


and the drips and splashes…..


of fat drops of rain.




PS  Perhaps luckily as it turned out, I only had a tiny point-and-shoot camera with me; hence the rather poor quality of (most of) the pics.  Some of the photos taken by the children were of rather better quality…..

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