06 May 2009

Our Final Unit of Inquiry – a note for parents

As May begins, so we begin our final Unit of Inquiry of the year.  In it we will add to what we already know about Our Local Area.  The Transdisciplinary Theme is: ‘Where we are in place and time’ and the Central Idea is that ‘Our local area is unique’.

chateau de penthes 019

During the unit we will pursue the following lines of inquiry:

· What is in our local area


· Mapping in our local area


· Finding our way around our local area

chateau de penthes 017

Questions such as What is there in our local area?  How can maps help us find our way around our local area?  How are things connected in our local area?  How can we help others enjoy discovering what is in our local area? will be posed.

As we work towards answering such questions, we will pool what we already know about our local area, find out how maps work, use different maps to locate specific places in our local area, make our own maps that we as well as others might use and most importantly, get out and about in the fresh air as we discover more of what our local area has to offer.

During the unit a range of skills will be developed; from Social skills where children will work in a co-operative group and accept shared responsibility for the completion of a shared task; Research skills where children will collect data from a variety of sources; Thinking skills where children will analyse information and come to conclusions; Communication skills where children will recognise that maps are a way of presenting information; and Self-management skills where children will behave in a safe and responsible way when outside the school environment.

a weekend in lyon

The main emphasis of course will be on social studies, but there will also be opportunities for work across the curriculum, including using different tools to measure distances in maths and sketching to record what we see in art.

Why not come with us on our journey as we learn about and then share some of the treasures of our local area?  

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