28 January 2009

What an elephant is like - no really!

When did you last see a real live elephant?  What; have you never seen one?  Well, not to worry, because in our class we know exactly what they look like.  We have been busy drawing them using the very best descriptions from the most reliable sources.

Take a look:

IMG_2393 IMG_2400


IMG_2394 IMG_2395


IMG_2396 IMG_2397

And again:

IMG_2398 IMG_2399

What do you mean you've never seen an elephant before that looks like that?  Surely everyone knows that:

An elephant has a trunk; long and rubbery like a snake


It has tusks; sharp and cold like a knife


Ears; smooth and flat like a leaf


Legs; round and hard like a tree


Sides; high and wide like a wall


And a tail; long and thin like a rope


Well - how would you draw one if that is what you had been told?

1 comment:

Maria Pontoriero said...

Thank you Virginia for telling us the story! Me and Daddy didn't know it, really interesting :-)