24 January 2009

It's puzzling.....

Remember these pretty things?



The CD and the mirror?  Both of which were described, quite accurately, as shiny; warm; flexible?

Well, we tried a little experiment on Friday, using a pen that Virginia had brought to show us, because, as she told us, it was made from metal.

In fact, it was made from two different materials, supposedly metal and plastic.  And I wasn't sure that the supposedly metal was metal, even though it looked shiny, so I touched it to my lip just to make sure.  Of course there were puzzled looks as I did this.....

You see, the upper lip area is very sensitive to heat and plastic tends to feel warmer than metal.

We named this test the 'patent upper-lip touch-test'.  And Virginia kindly tried it out for us:


She was able to confirm that indeed her pen was made from metal (the shiny cooler part) and plastic (the dull warmer part).

And now back to our two pretty, puzzling things: the CD.....


and the mirror.

Metal or plastic?

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