11 March 2008

What's it like? Clay

We have been getting our hands dirty; squeezing, squashing and prodding a dark earthy heavy lump of clay.

Even as we were using it, so it was changing, slowly turning from a glistening black to a drier greyish white. We found that we had to keep our hands wet to stop our clay drying out and crumbling as we worked it. It became more and more difficult to make it into the shapes that we wanted.

We want to know whether, once it has dried and gone hard (as we believe it will) it will be possible to change it back to its original glistening black or whether the change is permanent.


K. E. said...

Super photos! Looking at them, I feel like I was right there with you. I can see the watery shine on the wet clay, and the little dry specks of it on your fingers.

Zoe said...

I really like this blog because it is fun to watch

Tomoshi said...

I really enjoy the video. I like the noise of children and cat.
and also I like clay picture and some other school picture.

Chika said...

I think this blog is really fun i like is black black its awesome that you found so many different colors hiding in black