07 March 2008

Feely Games get a workout.....

Such excitement on Friday.....we had a visit to our class by the BIG KIDS from Class 6 and we invited them to play our games with us. And do you know what? They agreed! What's more, they enjoyed playing.....

Afterwards, we asked them for their feedback; here are some of the compliments we received:
Joe was told that the game was, 'Awesome; we would love to play it again.'
Chris was told, 'It's a great game,' by Max's sister.
Patricia told us that they liked it and would like to come again and play it.
Giulia was told it was exciting to play.
Danah was told that it was a game that was really good for the brain and our memory and we should play it again.
A boy told Maya that the game was really fun and he liked it.
Justin was told the game was really good.

As well as compliments, we also were given some suggestions that might make our games even better:
Giulia's group was advised to change the rules so that if someone didn't get any cards the first time, they could try again.
Per was given the suggestion that their game might be improved by turning the cards face up instead of putting them face down. Per is going to try this.

When our new friends had left, we did a little reflecting:
Danah said, 'I feel very, very happy.' Sofia too felt very happy.
Maya was pleased that her game was such fun to play.
Justin felt proud as did Umar and Azri.
Joe, not to be outdone, felt very, very, very, very proud.
Per felt nervous to start with but in the end felt very happy.
Giulia is pleased because now it will go on the Blog (!)
Swati felt very proud and Vaishnavi said it was good fun.
Tanmay and Dangi felt good, Michelle very good.
Chris thought that it was a cool thing to do.

I am inclined to agree with him.

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Maude said...

This blog is such a cool thing for a class to have!!!
It's cool to see what everyone in the class thinks.