22 September 2007

After Arcimboldo

Mira has been doing a course using nature for some really cool activities; we decided to try out one of them today - to great effect! Children worked in 3 groups, each choosing someone to lie down on the ground. The rest of the group then hunted for sticks to make an outline of the body. Then, with the body out of the way, they filled the outline with different parts of plants: leaves, petals, seeds and so on.

With bad weather predicted for the early part of the week, our Arcimboldo-inspired natural art will probably be scattered (quite literally) to the four winds. Luckily we made a photographic record for you to enjoy.

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K. E. said...

This must have been a wonderful thing to do on a beautiful fall day. It looks very interesting. I'm eager to see what people write about it.