04 December 2008

Weave a little magic.....

We have been continuing our look at patterns with a closer look at those with squares; more specifically, checkered patterns.  We had found them in the games cupboard as well as in our maths books and even on our clothes.  Now though, we were going to have a go at making our own; by weaving with strips of coloured paper.

First, we had to make the frame, by carefully folding a ready-printed piece of paper in half and then cutting along the lines.

IMG_0434 IMG_0436 IMG_0443

Next we had to choose strips of paper in two, or three or even four different colours.....


and then weave them in and out of the frame.....

IMG_0437 IMG_0431

by going first under and then over and then under again (and so on!)  Actually, the first row was quite easy!

For the next row though, we had to go over and then under and then over again. Get the idea?  Tricky, huh?

IMG_0433 IMG_0438

Using a ruler, in the same way as real weavers use a 'shuttle' made the task a bit easier for some of us.....

IMG_0441 IMG_0444 IMG_0449

but even then, we had to be very careful.....


to make sure.....


that we didn't get our unders and overs in a muddle!

In the end, though, even if it meant getting a little help from our friends.....

IMG_0440 IMG_0448

everyone managed to make themselves a professional-looking checkerboard pattern.


Chess anyone?

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