16 October 2007

What do you think this strange machine is used for?

What do you think this strange machine is used for?

We took a good look at it – from every angle. We drew a careful sketch of it. Then we wrote down what we thought it might be used for. We shared our amazing ideas with our friends.

Matthew D thought it might be a wine-corker

Sofia thought it was a machine for cooking and Justin thought it might be for mixing soup.

Danah and Fiona noticed a sharp part and thought it could be a cutter.

Isabella and Dangi saw the handle that turned and thought it was an opener and Dangi thought it could also be a drill.

Azri thought it might be able to crack hard seeds and Sarah said it could be a pencil sharpener.

Matthew W and Christopher thought that it might be for making holes and Max looked at the screw part and decided it might be for twisting fibres into rope.

Hmm…..well no-one was exactly right but lots of people were a bit right.

It does make holes.

It does cut.

It works a bit like a pencil sharpener when it peels off the skin.

It even works a bit like a wine corker when it removes the core.

Of course everyone wanted a turn and so we agreed that anyone who brought an apple for snack would be able to use it. Thanks to Fiona, who brought in a huge bag of juicy, rosy apples from the tree in her garden, everyone had a go. Such a healthy class!

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